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GAME PLAY: How It Works


Fun Challenges

We set up skill-based challenges using our unique Al engine. These challenges are personalized, adapt to player’s skills, and always bring new challenges.

Enter Challenge

Skill Money Closest to the Pin Challenge


Players join challenges and play to win. When they do, winnings go straight to their digital wallet. We’ve partnered with FullSwing for a smooth experience, and moving money in and out is a breeze.

Swing to Win

Skill Money Simulator Golf

Boosted Profits

Without any extra costs, your venue can earn more! You’ll get a share from the games played at your place. And don’t worry about tech, installation, or support – we’ve got that covered.

Get Paid

Skill Money Win Real Money With Golf Challenges


Extra Earnings

Get a share from the gaming profits. We handle the risks, you enjoy the rewards.

Cool Customers

Gamers tend to spend more than usual customers, and who doesn’t love winning money while playing golf?

Longer Visits

Groups stay longer, which translates to more F&B sales. Fun games, more time, more profits it’s a win-win!

Swing to Win with Skill Money Games Golf



We've Got You Covered

Don’t worry about the costs or tech stuff- we’ll handle it all. Plus, we bank all payouts.


Easy Fit

Our product fits easily right into your current virtual golf suites.


Marketing Team-Up

We’ll help you spread the word to your customers, with brand ambassadors on site and joint marketing campaigns.

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Real golf, real challenges, real money. Skill Money Games, founded by industry-leading professionals from golf, gaming, and the high-tech sectors, is pioneering the integration of skill-based challenges in indoor golf simulators. The company’s patented AI technology allows players to win real money playing their favorite games.